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You walk with caution, still alarmed by what you've just been told. You'd wanted to ask the robed figure what it meant by "evils," but it had vanished as soon as you'd looked away from it. You'd even tried to retrace your steps and go back home, but the way you had come had been blocked off by a rock wall.

The cave opens up to what appears to be another dead end, but instead of torches and fireflies you see sunlight. You're not outside though, but you do notice the hole in the cave ceiling where the light is reaching from. You're almost tempted to scale up the cave wall and leave that way, but then you hear the telltale splash of water as you step forward.

Startled, you jump back and immediately feel the wetness leak into your shoes.

"Careful!" A trembling voice of music and age graces your ears, it's much more pleasing to hear than the robed figure's voice, but you jump back again from fright either way. The opening looks to be a spring, and right in the middle is the tallest and biggest weeping willow you've ever seen. Its leaves are solid white and hang low in the water, creating a thick curtain of foliage. "Hello, young Wanderer, I've waited so long to meet you."

Did that... did that tree just speak? You rub at your eyes, shake your head. You must be tired because either you were hearing things or you somehow missed the glowing blue eyes and aged face on the willow's trunk. The tree had a face.

"You've met the gatekeeper, have you not? Goodness, I didn't mean to startle you! Oh, where are my apologies!" The branches shrug. "I am Willow, and I am a messenger of the Neutrum Pantheon. Although I would love to get to know you, you look rather weary. You must've traveled far! Now, it has been my sworn duty to act as your guide when you first come to Mythodreas."

"Even though the Goddess, Evonnay , chose you, you still have free will. Whatever you choose, whatever you decide, will affect your destiny and the fate of myths and dreams."

User-Choice 2: Do I get a sword?

Oh, goodness, aren't you an eager one! If you can find one, yes, but allow me to make sure that you understand why you are here. The gatekeeper told you why you were chosen right? It said you were chosen by Evonnay , yes? Evonnay is the Goddess of the Caelesti Pantheon, which harbors the truest alignment of light, considered to be the Enlightened alignment. If you've already heard the creation of Mythodreas then Evonnay was the light referred to in the story. It's actually unknown if she's reincarnated or not... I don't think she has as one crystal barely is enough to sustain the myths and dreams of this world. I mean, look at me, I am the only remaining willow tree... the rest died out as they couldn't gather enough energy from the remaining crystal.

To begin your journey, you must choose an alignment.

User-Choice 1: (Neutrum) Neutral? You must be uncertain, hmm? All right, I'll leave the fate of Mythodreas to you. Remember that your god is named Susur of the Neutrum Pantheon.

"Even though you're (alignment chosen), please do remember that your alignment won't do anything for you if you're faced with the Obscured, any of the vengeful god, Liamel's, followers. Obscured is the darkness you heard about in the story. It is much more sinister, much more malicious than before. If you are encountered by an Obscured, it is better that you flee. However, if you happen to come across an Enlightened... try to make allies, okay? Enlightened, the Caelesti Pantheon, is rare thanks to the demise of Evonnay at the end of the war."

"Now, let me give you some items and a Familiar. Remember that your Familiar is a follower of the Pantheon you chose. If you stray from the (chosen pantheon), from (pantheon deity), then your Familiar may be hurt or lost. A Familiar is only as strong as you are, and it is the only thing that may keep you safe from the Obscured."

You received (random species and color based on chosen alignment) from the Willow Tree!
3 bottles of water
6 Delicious Apple
2 Lettuce
2 Bags of sugar
2 Bags of salt
2 empty bottles
1500 pence

User recieves a randomized Familiar based off (alignment chosen).

Sets all necessary Familiar stats and features.

"All right, I think that's everything!"

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