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The robed figure leans forward, and you're finally able to catch a glimpse of its face. You're startled to find that it has no face, though; instead, you catch a flicker of shadows and a shifting flame. "Tell me, Wanderer, do you know where you are and why you are here?"

User-Choice 3: "W-What are you?"

The robed figure straightens. "I am a messenger and gatekeeper born from light and dark, Neutrum, but my name is much too long for you to remember or even to speak. Now, who or what I am is not important. You are at the gateway of Mythodreas, the land of myths and dreams. Did you think that you came here of your own will?" You blink at that, even raise a brow. Yes, it was by your will... wasn't it? "No, young Wanderer, you were chosen by the Goddess, Evonnay , of the Caelesti Pantheon."

"You see... Mythodreas is in a state of decimation. If it is not saved then it will perish, and if Mythodreas falls then myths and dreams will cease to exist. Wanderer, please understand that if this happens then all worlds will die out. It is nigh impossible to exist and prevail without the myths and dreams from a soul. Oh, but I'm getting ahead of myself... "

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"You were chosen in hopes that you will be able to save Mythodreas from her downfall. Evonnay has chosen you as this world's last try for peace. If you fail then everything will become nothing." As it speaks, the torchlights in front of it gradually start to wither, "Please, save this world." It slowly, almost hauntingly, moves to the side to reveal a large, iron-wrought gate aligned with opposing statues.

The statues catch your eye immediately, and you notice that one is in perfect condition. In fact, it's almost glowing and gives off an angelic aura. Then you notice its counterpart: a broken, crumbled statue that's covered in moss and age.

"Go now, speak to the Willow Tree and she will help you begin your journey. Just remember, be careful. Mythodreas is tainted with both darkness and light. What you may have once considered evil from your world is nothing compared to the evil that lies within Mythodreas."

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