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July 25, 2017 - Ads

If you haven't noticed, Mythodreas has acquired ads! It costs to maintain a site, and everyone that is a part of the Guides works for free. Ads are a way to help our site owner gain a little income, and it will be the first step into monetizing. When we say this, we don't mean that you'll have to pay to play Mythodreas! No way! In the future, we are considering custom content, features, and the like, but that's all on the back burner. At a later date, we will have ads that are relevant to this site, but that may take a while as ads can only be matched to our theme once we acquire enough traffic and views.

Please remember, some ads are spam which means that they aren't always what they claim (like those that mention downloading content). Although we will keep an eye on all content that passes through Mythodreas... be careful of what you click. Even Facebook ads can be a pain if you click willy-nilly! Remember, out there be monsters (Obscured)!

Mythodreas Administration